Blue Tiffany’s Boxes All Around

I’ve heard that when they come to work tomorrow, everyone at the New Hampshire Union Leader will find a blue Tiffany’s box on his or her desk.  An early Christmas!

Because one thing you have to admit about the One Percent, like Newtie and Callista, is that they know how and where to shop.

A Good Day for Seamus Romney

Among those celebrating the Union Leader‘s endorsement of Newt Gingrich and not Mitt Romney must be Seamus Romney, savoring the news like a juicy steak as he frolics in dog heaven.   Seamus, as Gail Collins perpetually reminds us in her NYT column, is the Irish setter whom Mitt strapped to the roof of his car for a long drive to Canada.

Mitt’s reward for this idiocy and cruelty was a stream of dog poop cascading down his windshield.   Today the Union Leader pooped on Mitt’s parade.

Union Leader Sticks Knife in Mitt, Twists

The New Hampshire Union Leader didn’t just endorse Newt Gingrich, they also took swipes at Mitt Romney in doing so, so kind of a two-fer.  They don’t name names, but clearly they are referring to Mitt and his lack of belief in anything other than getting himself to the Oval Office:

“We look for conservatives of courage and conviction who are independent-minded, grounded in their core beliefs about this nation and its people…”

“We would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear.”


Herman Cain Disses NH Newspaper, They Return the Favor

I previously posted that Herman Cain, after his Libya disaster with the Milwaukee JournalSentinel,  told the New Hampshire Union Leader that he wouldn’t allow video of his meeting with their editorial board.

About an hour before the scheduled sit down today, Cain cancelled it altogether.

Joseph McQuaid, the publisher of the Union Leader, zinged back, “I don’t think he’s going anywhere from here at this point anyway.”

Union Leader 1, Cain 0, or, if you prefer, 0-0-0.

While Chris Christie Is Tired of the Crazies, Mitt Romney Is Terrified of Them

Watching a clip of Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney meeting with the editorial board of the Union Leader reinforced why he troubles me so much.  He doesn’t have the guts to be our commander in chief.

Asked about the booing of the gay soldier who asked a question in the last debate, Mitt, unlike other GOP candidates, refused to criticize that booing because he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the homophobes in his party.

Plus he got all “deer in the headlights” when asked about it.  Aside from being a phony and a flip-flopper, he is simply too timid for the job.

While Chris Christie refused to kowtow to the Islamophobes in the GOP, saying he was tired of the crazies, Mitt kowtows to the homophobes because he is terrified of the crazies.

If Mitt is so visibly shaken by a softball question from some newspaper editors, how is he going to react to a sudden dramatic crisis with Iran or North Korea?  I am really afraid of Mitt Romney because he himself is too afraid to lead.