Yes, I’m Enjoying This Tremendously

From “Bob McDonnell’s stunning fall from grace,” Alexander Burns, Politico:

“In 2010, the political world pegged Bob McDonnell as a president in the making. Last year, they put him on every VP list. As recently as May, they called the popular Virginia governor a political model for his would-be successors in Richmond, Democrat and Republican alike.

“And now – well, now nobody’s sure what to call Bob McDonnell.

“Suddenly under legal and political siege, McDonnell is the subject of one of the swiftest downfalls in recent memory: once known as a spotlessly clean, law-and-order politician, the governor stands accused of questionable financial dealings that range from the tacky to the jaw-dropping.



“The McDonnell saga has gripped Richmond – and increasingly Washington – as a cascade of embarrassing disclosures have buffeted the governor and his wife, Maureen. A series of Washington Post stories have documented their cozy relationship with a donor, Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, who gave financial gifts to the McDonnell family including a cumulative $120,000 in the form of a check to Maureen McDonnell and a cash infusion to a family company.


“With a federal investigation well underway, downcast McDonnell allies say they see little hope that the governor’s reputation will recover, and some privately express doubt that he’ll be able to serve out his term. They describe a pervasive mood of shock and gloom throughout the governor’s extended political family.”
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Shock and gloom.  That’s what women feel when they are forced to suffer unnecessary ultrasounds imposed by their shamelessly corrupt governor.

Resign — And Take Your Ultrasound Wand with You

From “Gov. McDonnell must answer questions about scandal,” Editorial Board, Washington Post:

“Yet as Mr. McDonnell was touting the virtues of public-sector austerity, his personal life was a counter-example of profligacy, irresponsibility and entitlement.

“…Mr. McDonnell and his family accepted upward of $200,00 in cash handouts, extravagant gifts and so-called loans…from a Virginia businessman who sought the governor’s imprimatur and favorable treatment from the state for his company.

“Much of it went unreported on the disclosure forms that Mr. McDonnell filed annually with the state, thanks to lawyerly maneuvering, definitional hair-splitting and slippery accounting.

“Mr. McDonnell’s head-spinning hypocrisy has stained his reputation and shredded the bods of trust that any governor must maintain with the public if he wishes to be effective and credible.  It’s time for him to stop dodging hard questions and hiding behind legal niceties; it’s time for Mr. McDonnell to level with Virginians about what has become the state’s most toxic scandal in years.”

Governor, if you look at your ill-gotten and unreported Rolex, I think it will tell you it’s time to go.

O Up by Eight in Virginia

A new Washington Post poll shows President Obama leads Mitt in Virginia, 52 to 44%.

Virginia is one of the states Obama won that Mitt really needs to pull back into the GOP column, but it’s a state where the Tea Party has over-played its hand.

The Obama campaign sends its thanks to Gov. Bob “Ultrasound” McDonnell.  The state’s obsession with lady parts since 2010 has the ladies parting with the GOP.

As Virginia Goes?

President Obama is leading Mitt in Virginia by 8 points — 51 to 43.  Among women, the President is leading by 17 points — 55 to 38%.  Thank you, Bob McDonnell, Governor Ultrasound!

Six percent of those who voted for Obama in 2008 say they will vote for Mitt this time.  But 12% of those who voted for McCain say they will vote for Obama.

A Poll That Would Make Thomas Jefferson Proud

While Virginia is becoming more “purple,” it is still a conservative state.  But even so, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds that 52% of voters oppose the new law forcing women to have ultrasounds before they can have an abortion.  Only 41% approve of the law.

Even more interesting, and heartening, 72% believe that government shouldn’t enact laws whose purpose is to change women’s minds about having an abortion.

Gov. Ultrasound Can’t Carry His Own State

A new poll shows that Gov. Bob ” Forced Ultrasound” McConnell of Virginia isn’t very popular in his own state these day.  If Mitt chooses him as his running mate, they lose Virginia to President Obama 50-43.

The new law forcing women seeking to have abortions to also have a state-imposed ultrasound at their expense may cost McConnell the vice presidential spot.

Which is ironic, since forcing women to have something they don’t want is costing him something he desperately wants.

Frum Sounds Santorum Alarm




“The Santorum candidacy pushes Republicans toward an election in which the issues are religious, cultural, and sexual, not economic.  It’s a candidacy that pushes the party away from metropolitan areas, away from areas of growing population, and re-bases the party everywhere that is not dynamic, not growing.  The concerns of hard-pressed America are deeply worthy of attention and respect.  They call for responses and solutions.  That’s not what a Santorum candidacy offers. … Instead, a Santorum candidacy offers an airing of resentments and grievances.  Is that really where party conservatives want to go?”

David Frum, “Conservatives:  Do You Really Want to Do This to Your Party?,” The Daily Beast

Interesting that Frum, a former speechwriter for Bush 43, says “your” party, not “our” party.

My caption for the above photo:  “I think this is how long that transvaginal ultrasound wand should be.”