Donald Trump Has Yet Another Talent

In addition to all his many other skills, Donald Trump apparently is a handwriting analyst.  You thought the Donald was just a “short-fingered vulgarian,”* when actually he’s quite the Renaissance Man.

Trump says that Treasury nominee Jack Lew’s handwriting “shows he’s a very, very secretive person, unbelievably secretive.”

* Young ‘uns should Google Spy magazine

Now This Is Just Sad

In the midst of the devastation and suffering from Sandy, narcissist extraordinaire Donald Trump is obsessed with that offer he made President Obama to release his college transcripts in exchange for a $5 million donation to charity.

If there’s one thing Trump can’t stand, like Glenn Close’s sick character in Fatal Attraction, it’s being ignored.

So because of Sandy, Trump is extending his offer, which was set to expire Wednesday at 5, until Thursday at noon.

Yes, Donald the Delusional, the only reason you haven’t heard from the President is because of Sandy.

Is Trump’s “October Surprise” About Divorce Papers?

The Daily Mail is reporting that the big Trump bombshell is that the Prez and Michelle filed divorce papers once upon a time.  Obviously, the divorce didn’t happen.

The Obamas have said that there were difficult times in their marriage.

Trump thinks this is going to change the race?

“Get Off Your Asses”

From “Ryan-Akin, Romney-Trump,” Brent Budowsky,  The Hill:

“This column is an expression of contempt toward some of the wealthiest Democrats in America, who fail to understand the consequences if the forces I describe here take power in America.

“On almost all matters of high policy, the Republican ticket might well be called the Ryan-Akin team. Ryan and Akin agree on almost every major issue.

The Republican campaign might well be called the politics of Romney-Trump. Voters might ask why Donald Trump, the standard-bearer of a campaign of nut-case birtherism to advance bigot-based politics, will be showcased at the Republican convention while the last Republican president, George W. Bush, will be hidden from public view.

“Romney-Ryan, Ryan-Akin and Romney-Trump share a vision of politics that gives extremism and hate a privileged seat at the table of GOP power.

Romney, Ryan, Akin and Trump agree on almost every issue. Wealthy Democrats suffering a life crisis about whether they should enter the arena against mega-donations by the Adelsons and Koches might ponder why they make their mega-donations, why Romney and Ryan fall to their knees paying homage to them, and what kind of America we get if they buy the power of the presidency, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court for a generation.

“The GOP wages war against Medicare and Social Security because they despise what they consider evil liberal programs. Their extremist platform before the election doesn’t scratch the surface of what they will try to do if they win the election, especially if they control Congress and courts. They know most voters disagree with them, so they lie about the president’s Medicare position and try to hide their extremism as Romney and Ryan hide their tax returns.

“When Republicans say they want to ‘take back America’ they are dog-whistling that they want to take back America from seniors who benefit from Medicare and Social Security, from uppity women who seek fair pay and freedom of choice, from uppity blacks they demonize in dishonest Trump-style welfare ads, from Hispanics they picture as climbing over walls to immigrate here and against whom they employ the shameless pandering Mitt Romney employed demonizing Hispanics even against other Republicans in Republican primaries.

To wealthy Democrats having difficulty deciding whether they should enter the arena with their fists flying against the shared vision of Ryan, Akin, Romney and Trump I propose:

Get off your asses, before it is too late.”  Emphasis added.

Mitt Wakes Up with Fleas

When you lie down with dogs…

Republican Convention sources have confirmed that unrepentant birther Donald Trump will be featured in a “surprise” on the first (and least-watched) day of the event.

Mitt asked for this embarrassment when he groveled for The Donald’s endorsement and had him host a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Now Trump gets the legitimacy of a convention appearance and Mitt gets the birther-by-association taint.

Teaser Tweet from The Donald

A tweet from The Donald today:  “Today I am working on my big surprise for the @RNC convention.  Everyone will love it.”

Doesn’t this sound as if it’s coming from a padded cell somewhere?

Speaking of the insane, Palin is on Greta tonight, where she’ll tell us how she really didn’t want to speak at that stupid old convention.  Watch for subtle little digs at Romney and Ryan.  They stood up the wrong crazy woman, and she’s going to make them very, very sorry.

Pulling the Wool Over Trump’s Hair

Donald Trump says he will be doing “something much bigger” than speaking at the Republican Convention.  If there’s something much bigger going on than speaking to a prime-time national audience, why aren’t Mitt and his running mate doing that?

Kudos to the genius from the RNC or the Romney campaign who came up with the bright, shiny object that appears to have distracted The Donald.

They still have to deal with La Palin, who seems a little brighter than Trump about this convention stuff.