My Fantasy Saturday Night Live Sketch

I’d love to see SNL do a Republican debate where Rick Perry is roaming the stage as drunk as a skunk, bellowing “Bring it,” while Herman Cain keeps trying to grope Michele Bachmann, who bats him away with her long acrylic nails.

Then Sarah Palin (Tina) enters, ostentatiously steps over Perry, who’s now fallen down and is curled in the fetal position sucking his thumb, and takes his podium.  She looks into the camera, asks, “Is there a better choice?  You betcha,” and then announces, “In the ring there, I’m throwing my bearskin hat, also, too, and live from Saturday night, it’s New York.”

Back in the real world, the traveling Freak Show they call the Republican field is having yet another debate next week.  Please, God, make it stop!