Beyond Clueless

Ok, so back in 2009, then GOP South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, married and the father of four boys, got caught having an affair in Argentina when he was supposed to be “hiking the Appalachian Trail.”  His wife Jenny divorced him.  Sanford is now engaged to his Argentinian mistress, Maria Belen Chapur.

Sanford served the rest of his term, which ended in 2011.

When Jim DeMint left the Senate to run the Heritage Foundation last year, Tim Scott got appointed to fill his seat, leaving a House vacancy in the Charleston district.  Mark Sanford held that seat before becoming governor.  His ex-wife had managed all of his campaigns.

So Sanford decided to run for his old seat.  Fine.  But what’s incredible is that, although this was not a “friendly” divorce and they are barely on speaking terms, he asked Jenny to manage his campaign.*  As you’d expect, she told him that wasn’t going to happen.

The man definitely has a screw loose, which I guess makes him a good fit for the current House GOP Caucus.

*  “Back on the Trail,” Jason Zengerie, New York Magazine

Colbert’s Sis Runs in SC

Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, is running as a Dem for the House seat Tim Scott gave up when SC Gov. Nikki Haley appointed him to the Senate to fill Jim DeMint’s seat.  DeMint left to make a million bucks at the Heritage Foundation.

Former GOP Gov. Mark Sanford, famed hiker and adulterer, has announced that he’s running for the Republican nomination to that seat, which he held before he ran for governor.  He’s also planning to marry his Argentine mistress this summer.

I guess Colbert-Busch can count on her brother to write as many Appalachian Trail jokes as she wants.

Colbert Moving from Comedy Central to C-Span?

A new South Carolina PPP poll shows Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert in the lead to replace GOP Sen. Jim DeMint, who is moving his Tea Parties to the Heritage Foundation.

Colbert has 20%, GOP Congressman Tim Scott has 15%, GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy has 14%, and former first lady — and spurned spouse of former Gov. Mark Sanford — Jenny Sanford has 11%.

Gov. Nikki Haley will choose someone to fill the seat until the 2014 election.