Newtie Doesn’t Get the Memo

Newtie has released a statement vowing to stay in the race till Tampa and asking Santorum’s supporters to join him.

Newt has no money and is not about to sell off Callista’s Tiffany baubles to keep going.  He’ll just continue Wizard-of-Oz style as a giant talking head rather than as a functioning campaign.

Mitt has the nomination he’s been fighting for since early in his single term as Massachusetts governor.  The only remaining question is whether that nomination is worth anything.

Newt Now Literally Bankrupt, Not Just Morally

We already knew Newt was morally bankrupt.  Now he’s literally bankrupt.

His think tank, the Center for Health Transformation, filed for bankruptcy yesterday.  The filing shows liabilities of at least $1 million and perhaps as much as $10 million, owed to at least 50 and perhaps as many as 99 creditors.

Those creditors may not have had their health transformed, but Newtie certainly transformed their finances.  I guess Callista won’t be selling her Tiffany trinkets to pay their bills.

It’s a relief that he won’t ever be in charge of America’s money.

Newt said he went on that Greek cruise to observe first-hand what was going on there!  I guess he learned how to stiff your creditors, just as Greece is doing.