Hey, GOP — On Obama’s Spending, “You Lie”

Mitt has accused President Obama of a “prairie fire” of spending.  Then what would he call the 8.7% in federal spending growth in Reagan’s first term or the 7.3% growth in Bush 43’s first term or the 8.1% growth in Bush 43’s second term?

You know how much federal spending has increased in Obama’s first term (projected through to 2013) — a whopping 1.4%.*  That’s the lowest increase in almost 60 years!

Then why has the national debt increased so much, from$10.6 to $15.6 trillion?  Partly because tax revenues have plummeted since the economic meltdown, partly because of the Bush tax cuts, and partly because of automatic increases in safety-net spending that were already law before Obama took office.

*From MarketWatch