The Pressure’s on Mitt

Mitt Romney is finally going on a Sunday talk show for the first time this election cycle.  He’ll do Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday on December 18.  You’d expect that to be the friendliest of the shows, but Joe Scarborough claims that Wallace can’t stand Mitt, and Fox in general seems to be leaning towards Newtie.

If true, it’s interesting about Wallace, given that he and Mitt are both where they are today because of their fathers.  You’d think there would be sympathy among those who share the bond of nepotism.

Mitt put this pressure on himself.  If he’d been doing these shows all along, like John McCain, this appearance wouldn’t have so much riding on it.  It probably wouldn’t attract as big an audience.  But having shied away from the spotlight for so long, Mitt now finds himself under a much bigger one.  He’d better be more chipper and gracious with Wallace than he was with Bret Baier.