But What About the Swiss Account?

Mitt isn’t releasing any more tax returns, but he’s asking us to take his word that he paid at least 13% in each of the last ten years.

First, I’d be more inclined to trust him if he hadn’t flat out lied as to what his tax returns said about his residency when he ran for governor of Massachusetts after paying taxes as a resident of Utah.

Second, I’m not impressed about the 13%.  I’ve paid far more in each of the last ten years on a teeny, tiny fraction of his annual income.

Third, this doesn’t tell us if he took advantage of the IRS amnesty for Americans who had been hiding their Swiss bank accounts and not paying taxes on them.  If he participated in this amnesty, he admitted to being a felon.  Election over.

You Live By the Sword, You Die By the Sword

Michele Bachmann has built her career — such as it is — by stirring up the crazies.  Now they have turned on her.

Her renouncing her dual citizenship with Switzerland just two days after it was revealed is clearly in response to extremist blogs that called it “outrageous,” “treason,” “career-ending,” “an insult,” and “an egregious offense.”*

*  “Bachmann blasted by right blogs,” Tim Mak, Politico

Insert Your Own “Cuckoo” Clock Joke

Michele Bachmann has become a citizen of Switzerland!  She’s eligible because she’s married to manly Marcus, who’s eligible because his parents were born there, and Switzerland is apparently neutral about giving citizenship to closet gays.

She can even run for office there.  Oh, please, please, please!

And I’m sure Marcus can run a “pray away the gay” clinic there by day and, um, hang out with the gays guys by night.