Our Afghan War Theater is Theater of the Absurd

From Thomas Friedman’s column, “A Festival of Lies,” in today’s NYT:

“In Afghanistan, I laugh out loud whenever I hear Obama administration officials explaining that we just need to train more Afghan soldiers to fight and then we can leave.  Is there anything funnier?  Afghan men need to be trained to fight?  They defeated the  British and the Soviets!”

“The problem is that we turned a blind eye as President Hamid Karzai stole the election and operated a corrupt regime. Then President Obama declared that our policy was to surge U. S. troops to clear out the Taliban so ‘good’ Afghan government could come in and take our place.  There is no such government.  Our problem is not that Afghans don’t know the way to fight.  It is that not enough have the will to fight for the government they have.  How many would fight for Karzai if we didn’t pay them?”  Italics in original.

He asks if there’s anything funnier.  How about believing that sanctions will stop the Iranians from pursuing nuclear weapons?  That’s a knee-slapper too.