GOP Will Show Us the Money

GOP Super PACs and related groups are planning to spend $1 billion between now and November to fight for the White House and Congress.*  That’s not including Mitt’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, which expect to throw another $800 million into the pot.

Groups related to our friends the Koch Brothers, like Americans for Prosperity, had planned to spend $200 million, but, what the heck, they’ve decided to increase it to $400 million.  That money will be spent convincing Americans to vote against their own economic interests and for the interests of billionaires instead.  If you’re a middle class American, things do not go better with Koch.

Karl Rove’s groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS are expected to spend $300 million.  Now he’s an Evil Genius with overflowing coffers, definitely a dangerous combination.

Where does this leave President Obama and the Dems?  Outspent by two to one.

* “GOP groups plan $1 billion blitz,” Mike Allen and Jim VanderHei, Politico

Guessing Who Is Increasing Ads on Rush?

The number of companies dropping Rush Limbaugh’s suddenly-toxic show is now up to 39.

But Newt is Rushing in to fill the void.  His SuperPAC, Winning Our Future, is buying more ads, running into a burning building.

It’s hard to take Newt’s support for Rush seriously when we’ve stopped taking Newt seriously.

Newt and Rush deserve each other — two clueless, washed-up white guys with insatiable egos and appetites, both heading toward the exits of the national stage, into the irrelevance they deeply dread and richly deserve.