GOP Govs Assume the Pretzel Position

What do GOP governors hate?  They hate those Washington bureaucrats, with their one-size-fits-all rules and regulations.

What do GOP governors want?  They want more power to decide what works best in their states, for their people.

Except when they don’t.

The Obama Administration just announced that states can apply for waivers under the federal welfare law that would allow them to test other strategies for increasing employment.

You’d think conservative governors would be delighted to get more flexibility and control.  But of course they’re outraged instead.

Asked to explain why this was a bad thing, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad couldn’t.  He immediately began spouting nonsense about President Obama’s “entitlement mentality.”

“What do we want?”  “States’ rights!”  “When do we want it?”  “Um, not now, maybe some other time.”