Rush Reassures

Rush Limbaugh says we don’t have to worry that President Obama will be impeached.

Not because he doesn’t deserve to be, but because “the American people are not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office.”

Yes, Rush, we loves us those Kenyan Muslim Socialists.

Quote of the Day

“The politics and economics of health care are plain wacky.  From the moment, in early 2009, when Obama backed away from the public option and embraced Romneycare, things have been turned upside down with liberals supporting a costly and hideously complicated giveaway to the health-care industry, and conservatives depicting a reform that originated at the Heritage Foundation as a socialist takeover.  People on both sides are spouting claims that five years ago they would have dismissed as arrant nonsense.”

John Cassidy, “John Roberts and Mitt Romney:  Two Peas in a Pod,” The New Yorker

Sarkozy Destroys Economy and Himself

Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande came in first in French voting today, which means he and conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy will have a run-off in two weeks, on May 6.  There will be just one debate, on May 2.  Hollande is expected to defeat Sarkozy by about 10 points.

Don’t you wish we could have such a short general election campaign?

Sarkozy’s stringent austerity measures proved to be a disaster not just economically, but politically as well.