The Threat is from Christians, Not Muslims

The right wing keeps warning about the non-existent threat of Sharia law taking over this country.  The real theocratic threat is not from Islam, but from Christianity, specifically the doctrine of Dominionism/Reconstructionism, which calls for all of us to be ruled by biblical law.  These nutjobs are pursuing an alliance with the Libertarians to take over the GOP and the country.

From “Why the GOP’s civil war is only going to get uglier,” C. J. Werleman, Salon:

“The battle for the heart and soul of the GOP is more than social conservatives parrying with establishment Republicans.  It is a pantomime that has many actors performing on a number of stages, but with only one clown: libertarians.

“Libertarians are a funny bunch.  By funny I mean ignorant not only of basic economics but also the ride they’ve been taken on by the Christian Right and the neo-Confederates within the Republican Party.

“Nullification is the common cause that drives this anti-establishment triumvirate.  Nullification of the federal government is the weapon of choice for theocrats, libertarians and white supremacists.  Since 2010, state legislatures have put forward nearly 200 bills challenging federal laws its sponsors deem unconstitutional.

“Libertarianism and the nullification movement merge seamlessly with the Christian Right, because the ‘sacralized lost cause of the South is often undergirded by Christian Reconstructionism,’….  Reconstructionism, or Dominionism, is an ideology that calls on Christians to take over the federal government and then make the laws of the nation ‘biblical.’

“Reconstructionism merges Christianity with laissez-faire capitalism to arrive at a vision of government that endorses biblical law at the local level, alongside a limited federal government.  Essentially that makes it the perfect philosophy for wedding theocrats in an unholy marriage with libertarians and Old Dixie.

“Ultimately, the Republican Party’s civil war will be long and protracted, especially given the vast sums of money involved in determining a winner.  The Chamber of Commerce’s war chest and Karl Rove’s epic fundraising will only go so far in overcoming a triumvirate that not only has boots on the ground in the form of enthusiastic ballot box lever pullers, but also the financial backing of America’s most prominent libertarians:  Charles and David Koch.”

The Christian Version of Sharia

It is ironic and very sad that the same people who are so worried about Sharia law somehow being imposed here, who are trying to pass unnecessary laws to prevent that, are the same people who are trying to impose their own version of Sharia on the rest of us.  The same people who claim to love the First Amendment so much are showing that love by beating the crap out of it.

Newtie Will Save Us from Sharia Law

This country has so many serious, structural problems and threats that I don’t understand why Newt Gingrich is busy looking for trouble where it doesn’t exist.  For example, he’s promising to protect our courts from Sharia law.  If you’re unemployed and close to losing your house and having to take your kids’ beloved dog to the shelter, Sharia law is not what’s keeping you awake at three in the morning with your heart pounding.

I guess if you live in a mansion in McLean and shop at Tiffany’s and go on Greek cruises, you’re so insulated from real life that you can spend your time conjuring up imaginary threats to scare ignorant people into voting for you.  What a sick and sorry way to run for our highest office.