Do We Have an Hollande Problem Here?

The National Enquirer says that the Obamas’ marriage is basically over, and that Michelle found out that the Secret Service covered up two instances of his cheating on her.  They claim she was refusing to return to DC for her birthday party, but finally agreed.

I know, consider the source, but they were right about John Edwards, and we all know there was something really off about her not returning from Hawaii with the Prez and the girls after Christmas.  Their younger daughter, Sasha, always looks unhappy in public.  I think the older one, Malia, is better at putting on a public face.

Were Mitt’s Returns Stolen? Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please.

From the Associated Press:

The Secret Service says it’s investigating the reported theft of copies of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s federal tax records before 2010. A letter sent anonymously to Tennessee political and newspaper offices demanded $1 million to prevent their disclosure.

“Romney’s accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, said there is no evidence any Romney tax files were stolen. The letter said the returns were stolen in late August during a Watergate-style break-in at the company’s accounting offices in Franklin, Tenn.”

If I had copies of Mitt’s returns (note to Secret Service, I don’t), I wouldn’t be thinking about money, I’d just want to get them up online. 

Just because you’re a thief, doesn’t mean you can’t be a patriot.  If you have them, post them.


We Pay While Newtie Runs Up Debt, Not Delegates

Newtie may not be accumulating delegates for the Tampa campaign, but he sure is accumulating debt.  His latest campaign filing to the Federal Election Commission shows debt of about $3 million.

I would also say he owes a moral debt to us taxpayers for costing us tens of thousands of dollars a day for Secret Service protection for a sham, failed campaign.  This is supposedly someone who cares passionately about wasted government spending.

I guess this is Newt’s new “Contract with America” — we’re stuck in a contract to pay for this delusional pompous ass to pretend to run for a nomination that Mitt already has.

Newt’s Phony Campaign Costing Taxpayers Real $

Conservative web site The Daily Caller is reporting that Newt’s Secret Service protection is costing taxing tens of thousands of dollars a day.  Back in 2008, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told a House subcommittee that candidate protection cost about $38,000 a day per candidate.

If we’re so outraged about the GSA Las Vegas junket, as we should be, why aren’t we outraged about this?


While Secret Service agents may not have broken Columbian law by hiring hookers (Columbia has “zones of tolerance” for prostitution), they did violate their own Secret Service rules.  Also, for married agents, hiring hookers violates the terms of their top-secret security clearances.

The interesting (and weird) thing is that what got them into trouble is that their hotel had a policy requiring “visitors” to leave by 7 A. M.  The brouhaha began when the hotel manager went to an agent’s room because a prostitute was still there past 7.  The police were called because the agent refused to open the door.

Dumb behavior, followed by dumber behavior.