Sarkozy Out!

Socialist Francois Hollande has defeated Nicolas Sarkozy in France.  I wonder if he’ll lose Carla Bruni next.

I can’t wait to see how Hollande and Merkel get along — or don’t.

This will affect how the euro crisis is handled, and that in turn will affect our economy and whether Obama or Mitt wins.

I think it means less harsh austerity, a more Keynesian approach, so better for Obama.

Economic Hardship Becomes Political Extremism

One of the results of Sarkozy’s harsh austerity measures in France — aside from his own loss yesterday — was the best showing ever for the far-right, fascist party, which got more than 18% of the vote.  The party played down its anti-Semitic and racist views to focus on economic issues, especially leaving the Euro, saying that both major parties (Sarkozy and Hollande, who came in first) speak for the elites.

A very troubling development, but not really surprising.

Sarkozy Destroys Economy and Himself

Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande came in first in French voting today, which means he and conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy will have a run-off in two weeks, on May 6.  There will be just one debate, on May 2.  Hollande is expected to defeat Sarkozy by about 10 points.

Don’t you wish we could have such a short general election campaign?

Sarkozy’s stringent austerity measures proved to be a disaster not just economically, but politically as well.