Jim DeMint, the Candidate-Forum Nazi

No Candidate Forum for you!  That’s what Jim DeMint has told presidential contenders Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum about his South Carolina candidate event on Labor Day.  But while he’s not inviting some candidates to his candidate forum, you apparently don’t have to be a candidate to be included because he has invited Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin.

Both Santorum and Huntsman are planning a big push in the Palmetto State, so the snub has to hurt.

I wonder if DeMint is now higher on Santorum’s Enemies List than Dan Savage.

Is Michele Bachmann Morphing Into Rudy Giuliani?

When Rudy Giuliani ran in 2008, the rap on him was that he campaigned like a celebrity, lecturing to the room with his nouns, verbs, and 9/11, but never working the room.  This cost him dearly in New Hampshire, where voters expect a lot of one-on-one.  He has since admitted as much.  Michele Bachmann pulled the same thing in Waterloo last night.  She didn’t arrive for the dinner or work the room.  She showed up just for her speech.  By contrast, Rick Perry lavished time and attention on each table, as Iowa voters expect.

The report on this event in Politico sparked an email from someone who attended a Bachmann breakfast with heavy-hitter New York City fundraisers last March.  She arrived half an hour late for an hour-long event and didn’t work the small crowd of 30.  In a setting like that,  you expect individual attention and interest.

Both Iowa caucus goers and New York bundlers expect “care and feeding.”  A candidate who withholds that personal time and attention will find her disappointed audiences withholding votes and money.