Republican Reality Show

I’m thinking Newt and Callista Gingrich, Donald and Melania Trump, and Rudy and Judi Giuliani.

Three egomaniacs and their third, gold-digging wives.  Probably “third” and “gold-digging” wife is redundant.

I am posting this under the Category of “Marriage,” but not “Love.”

Newtie Is Winning the Fox News Primary

Fox News is supporting Newt over Mitt.

Tonight on Hannity, Sarah Palin, wearing the most God-awful $19.95 wig you’ve ever seen, said that the GOP should choose the one who would go after Obama with the most passion.  “Passion” is becoming code for preferring Newt, and given his trail of wives and mistresses, it seems an apt choice.

Then Rudy Giuliani came on and said that the Republican candidates should not bash each other, but should focus their attacks on Obama.  In the very next breath, before you could even say “9/11,” Rudy proceeded to tear into Mitt.  He said that Mitt’s flip-flopping showed weakness and that he would do what was popular rather than what was good for the country.

Rudy said that it would take just one NYT editorial criticizing Mitt, just one, for him to buckle and then Iran would destroy Israel and us.  It was not a pretty picture, in fact it was as horrifying as Palin’s wig.

Nine Nine Nine is the New Nine Eleven

Back in the 2008 campaign, whatever the question in debates, Rudy Giuliani would find a way to work 9/11 into his response.  In this cycle, Herman “You Want a Job, Right” Cain always responds with his 9-9-9 tax plan, whatever the question, from China’s unfair trade practices to Social Security to health care reform.

Rudy used 9/11 to remind us of his supposed leadership.  Cain uses 9-9-9 to distract us from his substantial ignorance.

Herman Cain and the “Weirdness Factor”

Every day Herman Cain remains in the presidential race is a bad day for the GOP.  The man is clearly delusional, both as to his ability and his attractiveness.  His stink is spreading to his party.

Some Republican bloggers and pundits, like John Derbyshire at the National Review,  are defending Cain by arguing that sexual harassment is like the tooth fairy — it simply doesn’t exist.  This Neanderthal approach is not going to help a party that already has a problem with women and can’t win in 2012 without white suburban women.

Others, like Ed Morrissey at the aptly-named Hot Air blog, argue that Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, has to go.  Sure, Block is a problem, but he is not the problem, Cain himself is.  Karl Rove could take over this campaign and start robo-calling about Mitt Romney’s illegitimate black children, and Cain would still be doomed.

In politics, there is the “weirdness factor.”  In 2008, Rudy Giuliani struggled with it because of his first marriage to his second cousin; his three public outings in drag, including one where he was nuzzled by Donald Trump; and his living with a gay couple when his second wife kicked him out of Gracie Mansion because of his affair with the woman who became his third wife.

Cain is now registering off the charts on weirdness.   Alarm bells and sirens are going off.  Once you get tainted with the weirdness factor, you’re done.  Ask Rudy.

Words Fail Me

I posted earlier today that Rudy Giuliani was speaking at the Koch Brothers’ “Pulling the Wool over Your Eyes” Summit.

And Rudy said this:

“Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement, it would not have happened but for his class warfare.”

You just have to laugh and cry at the same time.  There’s been no economic meltdown at 45 East 66th Street, where he lives.

Some folks from Occupy Wall Street might want to drop by and say hi.  Just saying.

The Koch Brothers Owe George Orwell Royalties

The Koch Brothers’ front group Americans for Prosperity is having a summit this weekend called “Defending the American Dream,” which should be called “Destroying the American Dream.”

The Koch Brothers are doing their utmost to eradicate upward mobility and eliminate fundamental fairness in this country.  Oh, and destroy the environment along the way, so our kids won’t just be poorer, they’ll be unhealthier as well.

The Koch Brothers are pulling the strings of their ignorant puppet, Herman Cain, who is speaking at the summit today.

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney is appearing as well.  I guess he will offer his considerable expertise on raping companies and eliminating jobs.

Rudy “9/11, 9/11, 9/11” Giuliani will also be there, offering advice on how to profit from the next terrorist attack, so you too can buy a co-op on the Upper East Side and a McMansion in the Hamptons.

It is disgusting that these people whom America has given so much are devoting their lives to defecating on her.

The GOP Has No Solutions for the Twenty-First Century, But Loves the Eighteenth

Tea Party metaphors have taken over the 2012 presidential race.  In Iowa, Chris Christie’s reps are quaintly urging activists to “keep their powder dry,” while Rudy Giuliani’s people are saying exactly the same in New Hampshire.  Does the NRA know that the GOP is nostalgic not just for pre-New Deal days, but pre-bullet days?

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin doesn’t care if your powder is wet or dry, she just keeps asking for money.

With Friends Like Rudy…

Rick Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008, a huge “get” for the pro-choice, pro-gay, cross-dressing mayor who badly needed some Red State street cred.  Does Rudy return Rick’s love?  Not so much.

Speaking to the National Press Club today, Rudy said that he’s “a good friend” of Perry’s and then proceeded to show that with friends like Rudy, Perry doesn’t need any enemies.  Rudy said that “his record in Texas is exactly the kind of record you would need in the United States, but I’m not sure he’s the right candidate yet.”

If someone’s record is “exactly” what we need, why wouldn’t Rudy support him?  That makes it look as if he has doubts about Perry personally.  Or maybe Rudy had been hoping for Veep and is miffed by Perry’s promise to choose a pro-life running mate.

No Soup for You, No Veep for Rudy

Rick Perry has promised Evangelical leaders that he won’t pick anyone pro-choice for his running mate.  Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008, Rudy is expected to endorse Perry once he gets past his 9/11 Tenth Anniversary ego trip, and there have been lots of whispers among the Great Mentioners that Rudy would be on Perry’s ticket.  Looks like Perry has to find another guy to woo the cross-dressing vote.

Rick Perry’s Early Lead

National polls, which currently show Rick Perry quickly taking a big lead, are interesting, but meaningless.  The polls to watch are those in the early states.  I would especially keep an eye on Florida, where Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney currently leads.  If Perry opens up a lead in Florida, Mitt’s in trouble.

In 2008, Rudy Giuliani chose to pin his hopes on Florida, and his strategy failed.  This time, Mitt may not choose Florida as his battleground state, but it may choose him.

Mitt is expected to win New Hampshire, Nevada, and Michigan.  That’s already built into his narrative.  A successful challenge to him in one or more of those states would be a huge blow to him, especially New Hampshire because of all the attention it gets as the first primary and his strong ties to that state.

While people talk about the power of the first three (Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina), I give special significance to South Carolina because of the momentum it inevitably creates for Florida.  Romney came in fourth in South Carolina last time, then second in Florida after John McCain, and dropped out soon after.  McCain’s good buddy Fred Thompson stayed in the South Carolina race solely to play spoiler, helping McCain narrowly defeat Mike Huckabee, giving McCain the buzz he needed to win Florida and the nomination.

Mitt needs a thick enough cushion in Florida that his expected loss in South Carolina won’t have a dramatic spillover effect.  The more the South Carolina vote is split (as between Perry and Michele Bachmann), the better off Mitt is.  If anyone rides a steamroller out of the Palmetto State, Mitt’s the one who will be flattened.