Save the GOP by Destroying It

Talk about telling the emperor he has no clothes.  Dick Morris told CPAC the GOP must change on immigration, abortion, and balancing the budget!

Only about 50 people bothered to show up for Morris’ speech, but those who did got an earful.

First he said that the GOP must pass immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.  So he told the House GOP to go to hell.

Then he said they must stop trying to over-turn Roe v. Wade.  He said the party should remain pro-life as a matter of principle and focus on trying to decrease the incidence of abortion, through promoting adoption, birth control, etc.  So he told the base to go to hell.

He went on to attack the plan to balance the budget in ten years.  He said that the GOP should focus on lowering the deficit and emphasize the ratio between the deficit and GDP and give up on the “hypnotic phrase” balanced budget.  So he told Paul Ryan to go to hell.

Morris loves attention.  I think he got himself some today.  Basically he was saying we have to destroy the GOP in order to save it.

CPAC is known as a venue for red meat.  Morris offered a heaping platter of kale.

Evangelicals, Abortion, and Birth Control

With the new-found, misguided GOP emphasis on contraception, I just wanted to remind everyone that when Roe v. Wade was first decided in 1973, Evangelicals didn’t initially make a fuss about it or take up abortion as an issue.  Their attitude was that it was a Catholic thing, and they didn’t much like Catholics.  They saw it as part of the Catholic opposition to birth control, and Evangelicals didn’t have a problem with birth control.

Given the huge issue Evangelicals make of abortion now, it is easy to forget that it wasn’t always like this.

Just as Evangelicals eventually followed  the Catholic lead on abortion, now they are doing the same thing with birth control.  That’s why we hear Gov. Huckabee saying at CPAC, “We are all Catholics now.”

But as the Evangelicals follow the Catholic bishops on contraception, I would ask them to pause and notice that Catholics don’t follow the Catholic bishops.  Do you really want to jump on the bandwagon of a doctrine that Catholics themselves overwhelmingly reject?

Don’t go there.