The Trust Fund Baby Ticket

GOP strategist Mary Matalin says that Janna Ryan, Paul’s wife, “lives a real middle class mother life.”

Janna Ryan may be a lovely person and a wonderful mother, but she is not “middle class.”  Middle class people don’t have income-producing trust funds (from oil) worth at least $1million and as much as $5 million.  She comes from a rich and politically prominent Oklahoma family.   They live in a mansion.

Paul Ryan was a rich kid who married another rich kid and now he is running with another couple of rich kids, Ann and Mitt.


Quote of the Day

“Presidential elections are sometimes described as high school popularity contests on a national level, and the Romney campaign clearly was worried that the nearly 50-year-old episode could define Mr. Romney as a familiar yearbook character:  the rich kid with a mean streak.”

Ashley Parker and Jodi Kantor, “50 Years Later, A Bullying Case Snares Romney,” NYT