Mitt Talks About His Dad Getting Government Help

On Fox News today, Mitt talked about his father’s birth in Mexico and then coming to the U. S. as a boy:

“They lived in Mexico and lived a very nice life there from what I understand and then when he was , I think five or six years old, there was a revolution in Mexico. They escaped. I believe they went to El Paso first, and were helped by the government to get on their feet.

So given this family history,  maybe Mitt should have a little more empathy for those who need government help at some point in their lives.

Why Bo Sleeps With One Eye Open

Yesterday, Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller, the web site founded by Tucker Carlson, who has gone from wanting to be George Will (see old clips with bow tie and preppy glasses) to wanting to be Andrew Breitbart (see red meat on said web site), posted a story saying that we can’t be outraged about Mitt’s putting his Irish Setter Seamus on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour trip because President Obama admitted in his book Dreams From My Father that he actually ate dog while he was a child living in Indonesia.

And so that inevitably led to #ObamaDogRecipes, and Politico‘s pick of the top 11 tweets:

Beagles with cream cheese

Eggs rover easy

Great Danishes

Pugs in a Blanket

Pup Tarts

Obama’s Indonesian Cookbook:  Dreams of My Fido

Chicken Poodle Soup

Spaghetti and Mutt Balls

Santa’s little hamburger helper

When Obama asks for a DOGGY BAG he really means a bag with a dog in it

Garlic Mashed BOtatoes  MMMMM

To which I add Canned Spamiel and Cheese Labradoodles and encourage you to share yours.

Mitt’s Favorables Up

A new CNN poll shows that Mitt’s favorable/unfavorable rating is now 44/43, still low, but about 10 points better than it’s been.  President Obama’s favorables/unfavorables are 56/42.

Moreover, 53% said they will give Mitt a fresh look, a clear Etch a Sketch as it were, with the primaries over.  43% said they know all they need to know about him.  I’m in that 43%.

Marco Rubio Hurts Mitt in Florida

An interesting new PPP poll out of Florida —

President Obama leads Mitt by 5% in a contest with no Veep name.  When you plug in Jeb Bush as Veep, Obama’s lead drops to 3%.

But when you plug in Florida Senator Marco Rubio (or as I think of him, Marco!  Rubio!) as Veep, Obama’s lead widens to 7%, so Rubio actually hurts Mitt.

Rubio doesn’t even help Mitt get more Hispanic voters in Florida.  Without Rubio, Obama leads Mitt among them by 52% to 37%.  With Rubio on the ticket, those numbers remain the same.

How can this be?  For one thing, Rubio isn’t all that popular in Florida right now.  His favorables/unfavorables are 43/41.

For another, Cuban Americans tend to be fairly conservative, more so as a group than other Hispanic voters.  They are out of step with other Hispanics on immigration policy because they benefit from their own rules.  Mitt gets the Cuban Americans he’s going to get with or without Rubio on the ticket.

The GOP thinks of the Hispanic vote as much more monolithic than it is.  Cuban Americans are a distinct community, and Hispanic Americans from other backgrounds, like Mexican Americans, don’t particularly identify with or relate to them, and vice versa.

The GOP, in its racist condescending way, just sees all these “brown” people who mow their lawns and thinks if you pick any one of them as Veep, you’ll suddenly attract all these Hispanic voters.  Hispanics in places like Arizona and New Mexico aren’t going to abandon President Obama because Marco Rubio is Mitt’s running mate.

Mitt really needs to run with someone less slick, someone “softer” than Rubio.  The two of them on a stage just ooze naked ambition for ambition’s sake.  Rubio gives off the same “lean and hungry” vibe as Mitt.


Newt’s Real Book Tour/Pretend Presidential Campaign

Long-time Newtie senior staffer and now head of his super PAC Rick Tyler admits that Newtie doesn’t really want to be president all that much:  “I’ve known Newt for a long time.  Newt doesn’t have this driving ambition to be president.”

But he and Callista do having a driving ambition to sell as many of their crappy books and DVD’s as possible.  Have you seen the prices at Tiffany’s lately?

Mitt Is a Policy Eunuch

“I’ve always taken it as a given that the ‘real’ Mitt Romney isn’t so much a political moderate as not particularly engaged on issues besides management and right-leaning economics.  In other words, he’s a center-right technocrat. So the moves to the center we’re about to see are comparatively easy for him since these just aren’t issues which are core to who he is one way or another.”  Emphasis added.   Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

This is my view of Mitt — not so much that he’s a flip-flopper as that he’s apathetic on stuff like abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, climate change, immigration, etc.

I think that’s why the base is so suspicious of him.  Issues that they are passionate about, that they devote their time and money to, that they believe are central and crucial to the future of this country, really don’t matter to him, just six of one, half dozen of another.

The GOP is nominating someone who is basically a policy eunuch.  You can’t really get him aroused.

Mitt’s Problem in a Sentence

Peggy Noonan says this of Jon Huntsman,* but I think it’s true and telling about Mitt:

“Voters don’t take to you when they know you don’t take to them.”  That’s it, that’s his problem, and it saves a lot of money on consultants and focus groups.

Come November, it will be the epitaph of his campaign.

Speaking of Mitt, Noonan has this to say:

“We learned Mitt Romney is not a greatly improved candidate from four years ago. He has endurance and discipline: He wants this thing. The reason why is still not fully clear. His political instincts and sense of subject matter are not much better than they were in 2008. The awkwardness continues.”  Emphasis added.

*  “It’s Over.  What Have We Learned?”  WSJ

Butters for Veep

Over at The Hill‘s Congress Blog, Denny Freidenrich is pushing Lindsey “Butters” Graham for Mitt’s Veep.

Um, Denny, you need to Google “Lindsey Graham, gay.”  Then you need to take down your post because everybody is laughing at you.

Even John McCain, who loves him some Lindsey, knew he couldn’t consider him for Veep.

Mitt and the Ghost of Palin Past

From “Rob Portman tops veepstakes,” Maggie Haberman, Politico:

“Indeed, the specter of Sarah Palin, vice presidential nominee, has hovered over the 2012 selection process even before its formal takeoff.  The GOP is still reeling from…John McCain’s unorthodox pick of a running mate who was lightly vetted and deeply unprepared to be president.

“‘Like war, everybody is always looking at the last battle, and I think post-Palin there will be a real gravity to the argument of, ‘Let’s not throw any long bombs or crazy surprises,’ said veteran strategist Mike Murphy….