Hey, We’re All Part of Red Sox Nation

“Sen. Shaheen is not from here, but apparently it’s a problem with me.”

Republican Scott Brown, former Massachusetts senator now trying to become a New Hampshire senator

Jeanne Shaheen, former New Hampshire governor and incumbent senator, has lived in the state for more than 40 years.  Scott Brown registered to vote in the Granite State three months ago.


John Kerry, Phony

I’ve never liked John Kerry, I’ve always thought he was a big phony.

The man claims to be a Red Sox fan, and yet several years ago, when asked his favorite player, he said Manny Ortiz.  At the time, the Sox had Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, but there was no Manny Ortiz playing for any team.

Now he’s done it again.  He said how pleased he was to hear Red Sox favorite “Sweet Adeline” sung at Yankee Stadium last week after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Maybe they sing “Sweet Adeline” at the Fenway Park where Manny Ortiz plays, but in the real world, they sing “Sweet Caroline.”

Kind of makes you wonder what dumb, ill-informed things he says to foreign leaders as our Secretary of State.

Happy Birthday, Fenway Park!

Happy Birthday, Fenway, from this Yankee fan.  And may I add, you look wicked good for 100.  I hope as a present, they get you a new managah to replace your “unfunny Valentine.”

The truth is, Red Sox and Yankee fans need each other.  I’m always more excited to watch a game with you than with the Blue Jays or any other team in baseball.  The wins feel more satisfying, the losses cut deeper.  Each regular season game feels far more significant than 1 of 162.

And I need you to play well and win (just not against us, of course), so that our games are meaningful right to the end of the season.  And an ALCS with you is the World Series for me.

So I hope you start playing much better — beginning next week.