That British Sex Scandal

It looks as if the two people in the British sex scandal that has David Cameron freaked out and that the Daily Mail has said it can’t name for legal reasons might be Cameron pal Rebekah Brooks and  former Cameron press secretary Andy Coulson, both awaiting trial in the Murdoch phone hacking scandal.

It would be embarrassing for Cameron, but for Brooks and Coulson, I think such a revelation would be the least of their problems.

Disney Glorifies Rebekah Brooks

Why is Disney glorifying Rebekah Brooks?  The heroine of Disney’s new animated feature Brave may be called Merida, but she looks exactly like Brooks.

Why would Disney want to  make a role model of a power-mad woman who flattered and toadied to prime ministers and media moguls to get ahead, her ethics and morals as tousled as her riotous red locks, who would interfere with the murder investigation of a child to further her demented ambition?

Becky Brooks makes Becky Sharpe look as selfless and virtuous as Melanie Hamilton Wilkes.  Becky Brooks belongs in a prison cell, not an animation cel.

Murdoch’s Rebekah Brooks Charged

Rebekah Brooks, former head of Rupert Murdoch’s News International, has been charged with perverting the course of justice (the British version of obstruction of justice) for trying to conceal evidence in the investigation of phone hacking and bribery of government officials.  Her husband Charlie and her personal assistant have been charged as well.

Not a happy day for her, obviously, but neither is it good for James and Rupert Murdoch or David Cameron.  Will she sing, or will she keep her mouth shut and be “rewarded” by the Murdochs?

This scandal is a lot of fun, but from my American perspective, it won’t be completely satisfying unless it reaches Fox News.

David Cameron Has Some Splaining To Do

Look, I know that these days the sun sets pretty early on the British Empire and that being Prime Minister is not as strenuous as it used to be when Brittania ruled the waves, but still, you have to wonder why David Cameron wouldn’t have something better to do than text Rebekah Brooks, the flame-haired former News International CEO, more than a dozen times a day, as the British papers are reporting.  Brooks is scheduled to testify before the Leveson Inquiry on Rupert Murdoch’s Evil Empire next week, and apparently she’s saved her voluminous texts and emails from Cameron.

If Cameron doesn’t have splaining to do to the British people, I suspect he might to his wife Samantha.