It’s Not a Dirty Trick If You Follow the Rules

It’s not a “dirty trick” for Rick Santorum to encourage Democrats to vote for him in Michigan, as Mitt Romney is now whining.  It’s an open primary.  If Michigan wants only Republicans to vote in its primary, it can have a closed primary.

I expect there are Reagan Democrats who would vote for Santorum in the general.  Let them speak up now and try to get their preferred guy the nomination.

Mitt just sounds like a spoiled rich guy used to getting his own way.  He wasn’t complaining back in New Hampshire.

Santorum’s Take on Bain

Ok, so here’s Frothy’s take on Mitt and Bain Capital.  It’s not that Mitt did anything wrong, because to say that would be to attack capitalism, and Frothy isn’t going there.   It’s that the GOP needs Reagan Democrats to win, and they aren’t likely to vote for an “executive from Bain.”

But guess what?  Frothy goes on to say that these Reagan Democrats are very likely to vote for a coal miner’s grandson, and that’s just who Rick Santorum happens to be.