You Can’t Be Serious

Surprised by Scott Brown’s decision not to run for John Kerry’s Senate seat, some in the Massachusetts GOP are urging Ann Romney or Tagg Romney to run.

Even those nice moderate Northeastern Republicans are delusional.

What next — Rafalca?

See “With Brown out, GOP mulls Romney energy,” Joe Battenfeld & Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald

Another Term for Preibus?

Rrrrreince Preibus wants another term as chairman of the GOP.  You know, cause he’s done such a bang-up job helping them develop a brilliant message, find impressive candidates, and win elections.

Fine with me — give him the job for life.

But if I were with the GOP, I’d think he should be the guy running Mitt’s car elevator and mucking out Rafalca’s stall.


Mitt Puts Rafalca Up on the Roof

Although Mitt will be at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, he is quick to distance himself from the rich guy taint of his dressage horse, in effect banishing poor Rafalca to the roof of the car, metaphorically speaking:

“This is Ann’s sport.  I’m not even sure which day the sport goes on.  She will get the chance to see it, I will not be watching the event.  I hope her horse does well.”

Notice he says “sport,” not “dressage.”  Notice it is “her horse,” even though the horse was paid for with his Bain money.