New Book Says Diana Was Murdered

From an Express article about Alan Power’s book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy:

“The 300-page book alleges she was murdered on the orders of Buckingham Palace because she was about to release a dynamite dossier chronicling Prince Charles’s sordid sex secrets.

“Mr. Power claims she was killed by an elite team of SAS agents and MI6 operatives codenamed The Increment, acting on orders from the Palace.

“Mr. Power says the hit on Diana was carried out by a team of crack troops on motorbikes posing as paparazzi who forced her Mercedes to crash into the concrete pillars of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel on August 31, 1997.”

Here’s Something That Never Occurred to You

A new book about the British royal family, Not in Front of the Corgis, by Brian Hoey, reveals that one of Prince Charles’ valets (he has three, out of a staff of 133) irons his shoelaces whenever the Prince takes off his shoes.

All these years I’ve been going around with un-ironed shoelaces!  I hope you have too.  Otherwise, you are crazy.

And our Founding Fathers thought George III was insane.