Quote of the Day

“Presidential elections are sometimes described as high school popularity contests on a national level, and the Romney campaign clearly was worried that the nearly 50-year-old episode could define Mr. Romney as a familiar yearbook character:  the rich kid with a mean streak.”

Ashley Parker and Jodi Kantor, “50 Years Later, A Bullying Case Snares Romney,” NYT

Karl Rove Pathetically Projects onto David Axelrod

Karl Rove wrote a childish piece for the WSJ, “Channeling David Axelrod,” that pretends to tell us Axelrod’s private thoughts.  The column concludes:

“Our job, as we say around here, is to savage the GOP nominee, grind him to dust, turn him into a freak.  I’m ready.  After all, it’s the Chicago Way.”

You don’t have to be Freud to see that Rove is projecting here.  This is exactly what the GOP tried to do to Obama in the 2008 election (savage, grind, and turn) and still tries to do every day by painting him as a Kenyan Muslim Socialist, who wants to destroy our free market economic system and our superpower status.

What a sad and sorry excuse for a human being Rove is.  I wonder if he will have a deathbed conversion like Lee Atwater and regret the harm he’s caused the country he pretends to love.