Santorum Is Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Much is being made of how Rick Savonarola Santorum is hurting the GOP with his theocratic views.

But he’s also hurting Catholic politicians in general and our chances of having another Catholic president.  As I’ve said before, so far Catholics are one for 44, and that one got assassinated.  He’s undoing all the comfort President Kennedy provided in his 1960 speech assuring voters that if they elected him, the Vatican wouldn’t run the Oval Office.

Rick Santorum Is a Cafeteria Catholic

Rick Savonarola Santorum is the sort of Catholic who likes to chide other Catholics who use birth control or are pro-choice as “Cafeteria Catholics,” who pick what they like from Catholic doctrine and ignore the rest.

But he too is a Cafeteria Catholic.  The Catholic Church rejects the doctrine of pre-emptive war, but Santorum is pushing for us to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.  That’s a place where he and I agree, and where we both differ with our Church.

He’s saying that, unlike President Kennedy, he would follow the Vatican’s orders if he were president.  So Rick, that means you would let Iran get a nuclear weapon.