Keep This in Mind

You’ll be hearing Paul Ryan criticize President Obama for not supporting the Simpson-Bowles Plan.

When you hear this, remember that Ryan was a member of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, and he voted against the plan because it included tax increases.  He was one of those who kept it from going to Congress for an up-or-down vote.

You’re going to hear Ryan talking about the deficit, but that’s just a smokescreen.  He couldn’t care less about the deficit, he just cares about more tax cuts for the rich.

Mitt is slick and sleazy, but in an awkward way.  Ryan is slick and sleazy, but in a much smoother, more graceful way.  Mitt knows he’s a duckling who’s never going to become a swan, so he hired himself one.

In the past, the GOP has won by convincing middle-class people that the Dems don’t care about them, they care about the poor.  But all Americans need to understand that this GOP ticket cares only about the rich and would be a disaster not just for the poor, but for the middle class as well.

Look, you can’t get over 50% of Americans to vote for a ticket that benefits 1% of us, so their mission is to lie.  Our mission is not to fall for it.

In Rick Santorum’s America

In Rick Santorum’s America, birth control is illegal.  He believes that sex should be between married couples and only for procreative purposes.  Of course, Americans still want birth control, so a black market develops, and local, state, and federal governments must expend enormous amounts of law enforcement resources to fight it.  People go to jail because they were caught with a pack of condoms.

In Rick Santorum’s America, abortion is of course illegal.  Back-alley abortions flourish once again (especially now that it’s so difficult to get birth control), and if you have a botched one, you have to decide if you want to go to the emergency room and “turn yourself in.”  Because if the hospital is able to save you (and many women will die despite their best efforts), they will then turn you into the authorities, and you’ll be prosecuted.

In Rick Santorum’s America, prenatal testing is illegal because it might lead you to seek an illegal abortion.

In Rick Santorum’s America, there are no public schools, and everybody home schools their children, whether they want to or not, whether they are qualified to do so or not.

In Rick Santorum’s America, women are free to work outside the home.  If you can care for your 8 or 10 or 12 kids and home school them, and you want to be a surgeon or attorney in your spare time, knock yourself out.

In Rick Santorum’s America, the poor don’t get any government help and must rely on private charity as their safety net.  If other Americans follow Rick Santorum’s lead in giving only 1.8% of their adjusted gross incomes to charity, there won’t be much for the poor to rely on.

In Rick Santorum’s America, there are no environmental policies or protections, so many of us get sick from foul air and water and contaminated soil.

Rick Santorum’s America — what a wonderful place to live!  And he calls President Obama radical and extremist.