As Virginia Goes?

President Obama is leading Mitt in Virginia by 8 points — 51 to 43.  Among women, the President is leading by 17 points — 55 to 38%.  Thank you, Bob McDonnell, Governor Ultrasound!

Six percent of those who voted for Obama in 2008 say they will vote for Mitt this time.  But 12% of those who voted for McCain say they will vote for Obama.

Mitt’s Favorables Up

A new CNN poll shows that Mitt’s favorable/unfavorable rating is now 44/43, still low, but about 10 points better than it’s been.  President Obama’s favorables/unfavorables are 56/42.

Moreover, 53% said they will give Mitt a fresh look, a clear Etch a Sketch as it were, with the primaries over.  43% said they know all they need to know about him.  I’m in that 43%.

Women Rejecting Mitt Even More Than They Fled McCain

Back in 2008, Obama beat McCain by 12% among women.

A new Gallup/USA Today poll among registered voters in 12 swing states shows Obama beating Mitt by 18% among women.  That gives Obama an overall 9% lead.

Karl Rove is probably trying to figure out a way to repeal the 19th Amendment.


Americans Want Out of Afghanistan

In a new CBS/New York Times poll on Afghanistan, 69% say that we should not be fighting there.  That’s a 16% jump from November.

68% said they believe the fighting is going “very badly” or “somewhat badly.”  That’s a whopping 26% more than thought so last November.

I expect that whoever wins the White House, we will leave Afghanistan sooner than the end of 2014.