Eight States Are Having a Presidential Election

The rest of us get to watch.

The eight states (where Mitt is buying ads) are Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Ohio.

I’m hoping that having former congressman Virgil Goode on the ballot for the Constitution Party in Virginia will help President Obama.

I’m also hoping that the federal district court ruling requiring early voting in Ohio the last three days before the election will not be over-turned.  Last time, almost 1000,000 people voted in that time frame, most of them for Obama.

You don’t hear the GOP talking anymore about how Scott Walker’s recall victory made Wisconsin competitive or about how Mitt’s home state of Michigan and Pennsylvania are toss-ups.

Mittens has a very narrow path to 270.



White Flag in Michigan and Pennsylvania

Both the Romney campaign and GOP super PACs like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS appear to be conceding both Michigan and Pennsylvania to President Obama.  They’re not running any ads there.

This saves the Obama campaign some money.  Often the other side spends money in a state they expect to lose just to force you to spend money there and have less to spend in the real battlegrounds.

Although Michigan is Mitt’s home state, I never saw it as a swing state, given his opposition to the auto bailout, but I did see Pennsylvania.

If they change their minds and begin advertising in one or both states, it means they see the race tightening.  This would be an interesting development.

Obama Up in PA

The new Philadelphia Inquirer Poll among likely voters (more accurate than registered voters) shows President Obama up over Mitt in Pennsylvania, 51 to 42.

Of course, we don’t know how bad the voter suppression will be in PA with the new Voter ID law, expected to (and intended to!) stop voters more likely to support Obama.

Dept. of Justice Investigating Pennsylvania’s Voter I. D. Law

The  Justice Department has acknowledged that it is investigating whether Pennsylvania’s new voter I. D. law would result in suppression of that state’s minority vote.

Last month, the Majority Leader of Pennsylvania’s House, Mike Turzai, boasted that the law would keep President Obama from repeating his 2008 victory in the state: “Voter I. D., which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

Not so fast, Turzai.

Marco! Rubio!

Florida Senator Marco “Lean and Hungry” Rubio is making a full-court press to be on the ticket with Mitt.  He’s campaigning with Mitt around Pennsylvania ahead of tomorrow’s meaningless primary.

Plus he’s giving a major foreign policy speech at the Brookings Institute next Wednesday.  I wonder if he’ll be as skillful as Mitt at talking out of both sides of his mouth on Afghanistan (Should we stay or should we go — Yes!).

One plus for Rubio — he’s shorter than Mitt.

No One Likes a Loser

Rick “Savanarola” Santorum’s lead in Pennsylvania has evaporated.  Mitt’s now up by about 5.

If Frothy stubbornly stays in and loses his home state (again), he won’t be able to run in 2016.  He’ll be toast.   And not toast with a likeness of the Virgin Mary you can sell on eBay.  Badly burned toast, charred and crispy as Savanarola himself ended up for his extremism.

So Frothy really needs to get out not just for Mitt and the GOP, but for self-preservation.

Romney Camp Split, As Usual

Politico reports that Mitt can’t decide what to do next:

“Debate at Romney HQ:  Do we pour money into Pennsylvania to crush Santorum in his home state on April 24 (also an investment in the general election), or save that money for the fall and let nature take care of itself?”

I would say the sooner they get Savonarola off the stage, the better to appeal to moderates/Independents.   Although Frothy is so convinced he’ll do well in May (Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina), that he might not drop out even if he loses Pennsylvania.

Mitt and President Obama are campaigning against each other, and Frothy is off on another planet.  I thought it was appropriate that his speech last night was given from Mars.  Mars, Pennsylvania, that is.