Covered with Obama Cooties

We all knew this was coming, but it still invites screaming and broken crockery.

The GOP has been demanding that we cut entitlements, the President proposes chained CPI in his budget, and the head of the NRCC, Greg Walden of Oregon, calls the proposal a “shocking attack on seniors.”

Walden is focused on seat numbers in 2014, not budget numbers.  I suggest our Prez do the same.

One Guy Doesn’t Bipartisanship Make

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is trying to sell his Medicare plan, where you get a coupon to buy health insurance, rather than actual insurance itself, as “bipartisan,” because Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon supports it.

When you have one Democrat all by his lonesome out of 535 House and Senate members supporting your plan, he doesn’t make it bipartisan, he makes himself an anomaly and an aberration.  Probably an outcast and a former senator.