Just Wants More Time With His Family

Chris Christie has revealed that he had secret lap band surgery in February to help him lose weight.  Lap band is certainly a better revelation than lap dance from the governor of the Bada Bing state.

He says it has nothing to do with running for prez in 2016, and everything to do with being around for his wife and four children.

So a politician saying he just wants to spend more time with his family — in this case, decades.

Texts + Lottery Tickets = Weight Loss?

We really are kind of a pathetic species, aren’t we?

“In one clever program, dieters were told to phone in their weight to a nurse daily.  Every day they called, they got an encouraging text and a lottery ticket, with a chance of winning a small amount.  These dieters lost three times more weight than people who didn’t get tickets.”

David Brooks, “Beware Stubby Glasses,” NYT