Punching Down

Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) got an employee at a gourmet grocery store, Drew Swope, fired because he said, “Thanks for nothing” to McCrory.  McCrory couldn’t say “Off with his head,” so he settled for “Off with his apron.”  Instead of taking a little criticism, rich and powerful McCrory took Swope’s low-paying job.

If I lived in NC, I’d feel the same as Swope, given the pass that Duke Energy’s dangerous practices are getting from McCrory, who worked for them for almost three decades before becoming governor.

Duke just had the third largest coal ash spill in history.  Of course, the people of NC should have thought twice before they elected a Duke Energy guy.  Specifically, they should have thought about foxes and hen houses.

No, He Won’t Respect You in the Morning

When he was running for governor of North Carolina, Republican Pat McCrory was asked in a debate what additional restrictions on abortion he would sign.  He replied “None.”

Typical guy, telling women what they wanted to hear so he could get what he wanted, and he won.

McCrory has now signed a law that probably will close 15 of North Carolina’s 16 clinics that perform abortions.

Would he have won if he’d answered honestly during that debate?  We’ll never know, but he certainly didn’t seem to think so.

I hope that McCrory is never elected to anything ever again, and that women not just in North Carolina, but all across the country, learn the lesson not to trust GOPers bearing reproductive rights.


This Is Our Republican Party

Ok, so North Carolina Republicans are trying to impose abortion restrictions like those Rick Perry wants to pass in Texas.  They’ve attached the restrictions to a bill banning Sharia law.  Kind of tells you all you need to know about today’s GOP.  They campaign on jobs, jobs, jobs, they govern on abortion, abortion,  abortion, and they throw in a little scary Sharia stuff for dessert.

What Exit Polls Showing

Matt Drudge is reporting that exit polls show Mitt winning North Carolina and Florida; O winning New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada; and toss-ups in Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa.

Remember to keep your eyes on Hillsborough County, Florida and Hamilton and Montgomery Counties in Ohio.