Death Toll Rises in Algerian Terror Attack

The death toll from the terror attack at the BP gas facility in Algeria, for which Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility, has risen to 81.  The Algerian military found 25 more bodies, in such bad shape that they couldn’t tell if they were terrorists or foreign workers held as hostages.  Plus, one of the freed hostages, a Romanian, has died.

The Algerians are searching the site for explosives because the terrorists had planned to blow up the entire plant.


The Latest on Algeria

More information has emerged about the Algerian military attack on the Islamic terrorists holding foreigners hostage at a BP natural gas plant.

573 Algerians have left the plant, as have about 100 of the 132 foreign hostages.

The terrorists still have as many as seven hostages and are demanding the release of two terrorists held in U. S. jails, one of whom is the “Blind Sheik” responsible for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

There are reports that two Britons and two Filipinos were killed in the rescue raid, while one Briton and one Algerian died during the initial hostage taking.

Algeria says that 18 terrorists have been killed.

Algerian Terror Incident

The State Department confirms that the Algerian military launched an assault on Islamic extremists who are holding foreigners hostage at a BP natural gas plant.

Algeria claims it freed 600 hostages, while Islamic terrorists claim that the raid killed 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers.

Americans are among those held, but their fate is unknown.

This Algerian act of terror was in retaliation for France’s fight against terrorists in Mali because Algeria is allowing France to use its air space.

Terrorists Hold Americans Hostage in Algeria

Islamic extremists have attacked a BP natural gas site in Algeria and seized 41 European, Japanese, and American hostages.  Seven of the hostages are believed to be American.  Two foreigners were killed in the initial attack.

Algerian troops have surrounded the facility.

Looks like a rescue mission for the Israelis…

Mitt Romney Trying To Sound Commander in Chiefish Before Vets

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney attacked President Obama in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars this morning, stating “We can’t lead the world by hoping our enemies will hate us less.”

Hey Mittens, I don’t call killing Osama bin Laden, kicking out Qaddafi, and all those increased drone strikes in Pakistan and North Africa “hope,” I call that “change.”