A Billionaire Bane of Bain

I posted yesterday (“Mitt Guy Makes Anti-Mitt Movie for Newtie”) that Newt’s Super PAC had acquired a devastating movie about Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital, making millions for himself and his investors while driving companies to bankruptcy and putting people out of work.

Now billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a long-time friend of Newt’s, has given $5 million to the Super PAC to run ads in South Carolina using excerpts from the movie.  The entire half-hour movie, “King of Bain:  When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” will be up online at Winning Our Future.

The NYT* is reporting that both the Perry and Huntsman campaigns passed on the movie.  They may have thought it was a little too Occupyish, too much of an assault on free enterprise for a GOP candidate.  Of course, Newtie doesn’t know the meaning of the words “too much.”


*”PAC Ads to Attack Romney as Predatory Capitalist,” by Trip Gabriel and Nicholas Confessore