Fox News Dumps Whoremonger

Fox News has not renewed its contract with Dick “Toesucker” Morris, who predicted a Romney landslide.  Morris is the former Clinton adviser who had to resign when he was caught with prostitutes at the Hay Adams Hotel across from the White House.

But I’m sure he will continue to solicit $ for his PAC and then  keep a huge chunk of that money by spending the donations on renting his own email list through and having Newsmax funnel the money right back to him.

The man is sleaze personified.

Picture Bachmann In An Orange Jumpsuit

Salon has an interesting story up*, that Michele Bachmann hasn’t paid five Iowa staffers from her failed presidential campaign because they have refused to sign an agreement prohibiting them from discussing with police or the press “unethical, immoral, or criminal activity” they saw.

There is an ongoing criminal investigation pertaining to a home schooling group’s accusations that Bachmann’s campaign stole their email list.  The group has also filed a civil law suit.  As Dick Morris will be the first to tell you (check out the self-dealing between his PAC and Newsmax to make Morris rich from selling his email list, whereby poor fools donate to Morris’ PAC, the PAC then pays Newsmax for Morris’ list and calls it “fundraising,” and Newsmax pays Morris), you can’t just steal someone’s list, you have to pay for it.

I love the image of Bachmann in an orange jumpsuit, picking up trash by the side of the road.

* “Bachmann still hasn’t paid presidential campaign staffers,” Alex Seitz-Wald

Trump Fires Himself

Donald Trump has just announced that he won’t moderate the Newsmax debate in Iowa on December 27.  Basically, he said to himself, “You’re fired!”

Rather than tell the truth, which is that he’s bailing because he got only two candidates to accept (Newtie and Frothy) and everybody else declined (Mitt, Perry, Paul, Bachmann, and Huntsman), he said it’s because he might still run as an independent.

The man gives buffoons a bad name.


The GOP Goes for Gravitas

The Republican Party continues to prefer silly to serious.  The extreme right-wing nut job web site Newsmax is sponsoring a presidential debate on 12/27.  To make the thing even more cheesy, they’ve got Donald Trump as the moderator.

I expect he’ll ask stuff like, “Which of these two models do you think is hotter, or would you just go for the threesome?  Do you prefer lunch at Michael’s or the Grill Room at the Four Seasons?  Who has better cashmere — Loro Piana or Bruno Cucinelli?  What questions do you ask when interviewing a butler?  Do you find my double comb-over convincing?”

The good news?  The debate will be shown on Ion Television.  No, I haven’t heard of it either.