Mitt’s Friends in High Places

Mitt, when you’re out on the trail, using sports as a way to connect with normal people, it kind of defeats the purpose when you talk about how you’re friends with the owners.

Here’s a news flash for you — most of us have never met, let along hung out with, the owner of a professional sports team.  Some of us small business people sponsor local Little League, but that’s about how far up the food chain we go.

Having blown his NASCAR pilgrimage to Daytona by saying he’s friends with a bunch of team owners, Mitt is now flaunting his NFL connections.  He’s “good friends” with the owners of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets.  Actually, Jets’ owner Woody Johnson is a national finance co-chair for Mitt.

You running for president of the United States or some yacht club in La Jolla?

You’re like the parody of some clueless, rich jerk running for office.  You’re giving the 1% a bad name.  Oh, wait, that already happened when they drove us to the brink of another Great Depression and drove off unscathed in their Ferraris and Aston Martins.