Tally Ho for Huntsman?

Jon Huntsman is rising in New Hampshire, while Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are falling.  It’s not a surge certainly, but he’s up into the low teens and trending in the right direction.  He won’t win, but he can hurt that other Mormon ex-governor with nice hair.

Full disclosure — I’m planning to vote for Huntsman in my primary, unless I’m having a “zany Newt” moment that day and write in Stefon from Saturday Night Live.

Is Jon Huntsman Running for Gingrich’s VP?

A New Hampshire win for Mitt Romney is baked into the cake of his primary campaign.  If he doesn’t win big there, he’s seriously wounded.  If he loses, he’s done.

The better Jon Huntsman does in New Hampshire, the better it is for Newt Gingrich.  In many ways a vote for Huntsman is a vote for Newt.

If Huntsman can siphon enough votes from Romney, Newt will owe him.  Maybe owe him enough to offer him the VP slot.