Jen Rubin Is in Love Again

During the 2012 election, Jennifer Rubin’s “Right Turn” bloggy-column thing at WaPo essentially functioned as a gauzy ad campaign for Mitt.  How Jen loved Mitt, despite the fact that she is Jewish and he is Mormon, despite the fact that they are married to others.  Every day, Jen rose and faithfully posted her school-girlish love letters to Mittens.  So sweet, so sad.  So charming, so creepy.

Right till the end, she refused to believe those annoying, Obama-biased polls, and was devastated when the Kenyan Muslim who hates Israel (the country our Jen loves most) won.

But 100 days into O’s second term, with spring upon us, Jen has recovered and found herself a new man.  Her bloggy-column thing today is a love letter to Chris Christie worthy of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Sorry, Mittens.

Auto Makers’ Criticism Can’t Stop Mitt’s Lies

Something a little unusual here.  We expect to see the campaigns fighting with each other, but now the Romney campaign is fighting with GM and Chrysler, who have called Mitt out on his lying ads about the auto industry, including his false claim that jobs making Jeeps here will be moved to China.

The Romney campaign is dismissing the auto makers’ pushback and continuing their sleazy ads.  All they care about is winning Ohio, and one in eight jobs there is auto-related.

It’s hard to call something a new low in presidential campaigning, but this may be it.

Mitt has shown us that he believes the end justifies the means.  When he was running in Massachusetts, he got permission from the Mormon Church to lie about his position on abortion and pretend to be pro-choice, so long as he wouldn’t govern that way if elected.

The Mormons Posthumously Baptized Obama’s Mom

President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, considered herself a spiritual person, but she wasn’t a member of any particular religion.  She sure as hell didn’t consider herself a Mormon.

But why should her own beliefs and wishes stop the Mormon Church from baptizing her?  Posthumously, of course, since they never would have gotten her when she was breathing.

They baptized her on June 4, 2008.  That’s the day after her son won enough delegates to be the Democratic nominee.

Can you think of a greater assault on someone’s religious freedom than baptizing them after they’re dead?

The Mormon Church in America should benefit from the First Amendment, not overrule it.


More Mormon Infighting

Now billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. (whose son’s presidential campaign flamed out pretty spectacularly) is calling on fellow Mormon Mitt to release more tax returns.  Mitt and Huntsman, Jr. were rivals to head the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

We’ve already seen the fighting between Mitt and Mormon Harry Reid.  In fact, some are guessing that the source who told Reid that Mitt didn’t pay taxes for ten years is none other than Jon Huntsman, Sr.

The Desperate Politicians of Mormonistan.  A reality show, perhaps, after Mitt loses?

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Mitt doesn’t know his Sikhs from his sheiks (or his ass from his elbow).  Here he is on the campaign trail today:

“I was in Chicago earlier today.  We had a moment of silence in honor of the people who lost their lives at that sheik temple.

He seems to be channeling Sarah Palin.  Or Emily Latella.  Never mind.

Oh well, what do you expect from a Merman?

Does Mitt Have a Tax Problem with Church as Well as State?

Is Mitt’s tax problem a church problem?

From “Harry Reid Gives Mitt Hell,” Bill Buck, CBS Boston:

“But the source coming to Harry Reid for these revelations [about Mitt’s not paying taxes for a decade] adds a level of intrigue. Reid just happens to be the highest-ranking member of the Mormon Church in the history of this nation.

“It is likely that Senator Reid’s source shares the Mormon religion with Reid and Romney.

“That message will not be lost on Romney. If the Bain fortress is not a fortress; if people are talking, Romney knows that trouble lies ahead.

“And the motivation for this leak may not be political. It is likely personal and tied to the Mormon Church.

“Specifically, if Romney was hiding money from the IRS he may have hidden money from his church.

“It is expected that members of the Mormon Church tithe a minimum of ten percent of their incomes. But if Romney was not paying taxes and hiding money, then his disclosure – which itemizes deductions, including to the church – would tip off his actual income to the IRS.

“Even more telling, Senator Reid specifically says that Romney’s father, George, would be ashamed of his son.

“It is true that Mitt’s father, who set the precedent of releasing multiple years, would be ashamed of the son’s lack of disclosure.

 “Another reason for such a strong statement from Reid is that Mitt’s father would be ashamed for religious reasons.”
I think the key element here is not that Reid is a Dem and Romney is a Republican, but that both are Mormon.  I don’t think Reid would attack Mitt unless he was confident of his source because he would be sensitive about attacking a fellow Mormon, given that it is a minority religion that has been harshly persecuted in this country.  It’s a strong tie that would make Reid, whom I see as a very cautious guy anyway, extra cautious.

I Agree With Ann Romney

Ann Romney says they’re not releasing any more tax returns because “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.”

I’ve seen enough to know that average working people will be better off if I vote for President Obama.

So I think she’s right that we have enough information about who Mittens is and whose side he’s on to make up our minds in this election.

She also said that he didn’t need to release more tax returns because he gives 10% of his income to the Mormon Church!  Last I checked the Mormon Church wasn’t paying to defend this country.  This is as if I fed my two dogs this morning, and told my three cats I didn’t need to feed them because I’d given big helpings to the dogs.

The Romney campaign has planned to deploy Ann to “soften” Mitt.  I think she comes across as stuck up and out of touch as he does.


He Must Make Mitt Feel Poor

Sheldon Adelson, who single-handedly bankrolled Newtie’s campaign, has now turned his affections to Mitt.  Adelson is determined to do what it takes to defeat President Obama.  And when you’re worth $25 billion, “what it takes” isn’t just some empty boast.

He’s already given $10 million to Mitt’s SuperPAC, but Adelson’s “people” are saying we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  They say he’s planning “limitless” donations.  Limitless here might mean more than $100 million.

I like the First Amendment as much as the next person, but this is seriously messed up.

A little irony here — Mormons are opposed to gambling, but Mitt might get to the White House thanks to casino money.

Why Did the Times Choose This Op Ed?

I assume it’s not easy to get an op ed published in the NYT.   Today they have one called “I’m a Mormon, Not a Christian,” by David V. Mason.  Gee, I wonder why, out of all the submissions they get, the Times chose this one.

I assume the Romney campaign is wondering the same thing.  Not really, they know why.