Wisconsin Doesn’t Really Like Mitt

Mitt won Wisconsin, but the exit polls don’t show much love for him as a person.

Voters were asked which quality mattered most to them:  Ability to defeat Obama, being a true conservative, having strong moral character, or having the right experience.

Mitt won on ability to defeat Obama and having the right experience, qualities that don’t reflect that much on him as a human being.  They reflect hope for what he can do in the future and respect for his business background in the past.  They are the two pragmatic categories among the four, the ones that don’t reflect likability.

Santorum lost overall by 10%, but he won on being a true conservative and having strong moral character, both of which are more about him as a person.  He was 34% ahead of Mitt on character and 48% ahead of Mitt on being a conservative.

Mitt has the nomination, but it’s a very grudging and reluctant coronation that doesn’t excite the base.  You know, those people who always turn out, who put up the yard signs, make the phone calls, etc.

Santorum’s toast, but really Mitt is too.