Let’s Hear It for the Moderate Muslims

From “Backlash to the Backlash,” Thomas L. Friedman, NYT:

“One of the iron laws of Middle East politics for the last half-century has been that extremists go all the way and moderates tend to just go away.  That is what made the march in Benghazi, Libya, so unusual last Friday.  This time, the moderates did not just go away.  They got together and stormed the headquarters of the Islamist militia Ansar al-Sharia….

“This coincides with some brutally honest articles in the Arab/Muslim press…that are not the usual ‘What is wrong with America?’ but, rather, ‘What is wrong with us, and how do we fix it?'”  Italics in original.

I wish the moderates of all religions and those of no religion would get together and kick out the extremist nuts from Ahmadinejad to Akin.  Really, there are way more of us than them.  We can take them!

Here in the U. S., you don’t have to risk your life, you just have to take a few minutes to vote.


Grenell Was the Canary in Mitt’s Mine

All through the primaries, GOP voters were told that the silver lining of unlikable Mitt’s getting the nomination was that he could beat President Obama because he would appeal to moderates.  The base might not like him, but the candidates they preferred couldn’t win in November.

But if Mitt deserved such moderate support he would have stood up for Ric Grenell, whom who hired as his foreign policy spokesman, but wouldn’t defend against vicious attacks simply because Grenell is gay.  It doesn’t matter if Mitt’s personal beliefs are more reasonable if he won’t act on them.

If you wouldn’t vote for Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann, you shouldn’t vote for Mitt.

Whether the bat-shit wing of the party wins by nominating one of their own (Santorum, Bachmann) or by intimidating a less radical candidate (Romney), the result is the same — they win.

The extremists own Mitt now and will throughout his term if he’s elected.  He won’t want to face a primary in 2016.

Ric Grenell was the canary in Mitt’s mine of moderation.  He didn’t survive.

As the White House Goes, So Goes Congress

In his column for Sunday, George Will concedes that the GOP may well not win the White House in 2012.  He urges conservatives to focus on keeping the House and taking the Senate.

But if the big win that Will foresees for Obama occurs, it will be impossible for the GOP to gain control of Congress.  The same forces that doom the GOP presidential nominee will poison those down ballot from him.

Voters are not going to reject just Mitt or Santorum as individuals, although they will certainly do that, but GOP extremism and out-of-touchness as a whole, on issues like birth control, where the current Republicans in Congress seem to be doing their utmost to alienate and infuriate moderates and independents.

George, appealing to 20% of the electorate isn’t going to win you any branch of government.