A-Rod and Others Suspended

A-Rod has been suspended through 2014.  He is expected to appeal, and that process will take 2-4 weeks.

He is eligible to return for the 2015 season, when he will be almost 40 years old and have about $60 million left on his contract.  At that point, I expect it will be about retiring as physically unable to play, so that he can get his money.  Any games that he plays with the Yankees while his appeal is considered are most likely the last of his professional career.

Twelve other players were suspended for 50 games each, and none of them will appeal.

He Can Always Buy a Ticket

A-Rod says he’s flying to Chicago for the Yankees’ game Monday against the White Sox.

I think the only way he gets in to Cellular Field is if he buys a ticket.

He asked MLB for further negotiations today, and they told him to take a hike.  He asked the Yankees for a meeting about his contract, and they told him the same.

It is of course fitting that A-Rod be in Chicago, home of the 1919 Black Sox, when his suspension is finally handed down.

MLB Suspensions By End of the Week

MLB will suspend A-Rod and eight other players for their connection with the Biogenesis clinic by the end of the week.

Most of the suspensions will be for 50 games, but A-Rod’s will be longer.

Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera will not be suspended because they have already been punished for their connection to the now-closed clinic.

More players were involved than these, but MLB didn’t have enough evidence to suspend them.

A-Rod Facing 100 Game Suspension

Even if his hip heals, it doesn’t look as if A-Rod will be on the field this season.  The MLB is seeking to suspend him (and 19 other players, including Yanks’ catcher Francisco Cervelli) 100 games for their connection to a clinic in Florida that provided them performance-enhancing drugs.

As I’ve said before, A-Rod will never play again for the Yanks.

Happy Birthday, Fenway Park!

Happy Birthday, Fenway, from this Yankee fan.  And may I add, you look wicked good for 100.  I hope as a present, they get you a new managah to replace your “unfunny Valentine.”

The truth is, Red Sox and Yankee fans need each other.  I’m always more excited to watch a game with you than with the Blue Jays or any other team in baseball.  The wins feel more satisfying, the losses cut deeper.  Each regular season game feels far more significant than 1 of 162.

And I need you to play well and win (just not against us, of course), so that our games are meaningful right to the end of the season.  And an ALCS with you is the World Series for me.

So I hope you start playing much better — beginning next week.