They’re Disappointed Daniels Didn’t Run? Seriously?

Does Mitch Daniels remind anyone else of Frank Perdue?  I kept waiting for him to tell me how tender his chickens are.

Anyway, why was the GOP devastated that he didn’t run for president?  He has all the charisma of a funeral director.  He makes Tim Pawlenty look like Mr. Excitement.

I know why the GOP compares us to Greece — it scares people who don’t know better.  But it’s just so shameless.  You might as well compare us to Mars.

He lied and said that Obama has made things worse over the last three years.  We were losing 750,000 jobs a month when Obama became president.  We’ve added jobs for 22 straight months.

Having begun by saying that he would show respect for the president, Daniels accused him of “extremism,” “a pro-poverty policy.”  He shed crocodile tears for his false claim that “No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us….”  When?  How?  The President has erred too far in the opposite direction, trying to work with Republicans who are interested only in his failure and defeat.

He said “We will speak the language of unity.”  Has he been watching the Republican debates?

I understand why Mitch Daniels’ wife left him, he’s a humorless, smarmy little creep.  I have no clue why she went back.


President Obama is delivering his State of the Union address on Tuesday.  Mitch Daniels will give the Republican response.

And then, Herman Cain will give the Tea Party response.  Because, you know, having Michele Bachmann give a response separate from Paul Ryan’s official Republican response last year worked out so well.

But maybe I should change my headline to YEEEEEEEEEEES!  After all, I don’t have to watch Cain, and I won’t.  And the Republican establishment cant be happy about this.  That lying idiot Cain will only help Obama.

I do know that all the original participants in the Boston Tea Party are rolling in their graves.

David Brooks Doesn’t Read His Own Paper

In today’s NYT David Brooks writes “at least Republicans respect Americans enough to tell us what they really think.”  Apparently he missed yesterday’s article about Mitch Daniels headlined “Republican Calls for a More Honest Debate.”  Daniels chided his own party for not being “more candid and honest.”

Republicans tell us what they think the Tea Party wants to hear.  They pander to the lowest common denominator of that sorry bunch — the ignorant, pathetic guy with the goofiest costume and the sign with the most misspellings.

If Republicans respected us, they would show a little respect for basic economics, math, and science.