Not Helping

The Russians have sent Syria anti-ship cruise missiles with very advanced radar.  These are mobile missiles, so they’re tough to attack.  They have a range of 180 miles.

This new shipment of Yakhont missiles has a more sophisticated guidance system than the ones delivered in 2011.

Quote of the Day

“We have no interest because we have no ability to assess what is good for us regarding the future regime.”

Tzachi Hanegbi, prominent Israeli legislator, who is close to Netanyahu

Hanegbi was commenting that Israel’s airstrikes in Syria are intended to stop missile shipments from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon and are not intended to influence the ongoing Syrian civil war.

It seems to me that what’s true for Israel is also true for us — we can’t really support either side, given that Assad is a brutal dictator, but the leading rebels are Islamist extremists, some with ties to Al Qaeda.  We’d certainly like Assad to go, but not with the cast of characters who seem poised to replace him.