Hyberbolic Statement of 2014

Yeah, I know it’s only day one, but I really don’t seen anyone topping this.

Here’s Marc Thiessen (former speechwriter for Bush 43) to Megyn Kelly on Fox News about Obamacare taking effect today:

“It goes from a political disaster for Obama to a humanitarian disaster for the country.”

However Many Problems You Solve, Fox News Will Find More

When HealthCare.gov wasn’t working, Fox News bitched and moaned about how awful it was that you couldnt use the web site.   Now that the site’s much improved, they’re trying to scare people away, claiming you shouldnt use it because of vague “security” risks.  They have yet to actually find a family who bought health insurance and had a cyber thief book a Mediterranean cruise using their AmEx, but still…

Sean Hannity has gone from having Ainsley Earhardt sit there unable to log on, to having her refuse to give HealthCare.gov her Social Security number, which clearly is what Fox News wants everyone to do.  If that sweet little South Carolina cupcake Ainsley pouts her glossy lips and says “Hell, no,” you can (and should) too!  Because if we all refuse to give our Social Security numbers, Obamacare will fail, the Muslim Socialist will go back to Kenya, and America will be saved.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Megyn Kelly is obsessed with the 834’s, the form that HealthCare.gov sends to the insurance company you choose.  While the error rate on the 834’s was about 25% back in October and November, some of those errors were de mininis (your middle initial was wrong) and that rate is now about 10%.  And mostly we are talking mistakes, like people getting enrolled twice, not “lost” applications where people think they have insurance, but they don’t.

Anyway, Megyn is worrying her pretty blonde head about how in the world people can possibly figure out if they have insurance, without showing up at the hospital on January 1st and being left in the lobby to die.  Actually, it’s pretty simple, something even folks who work at Fox News should be able to grasp.  If you get a bill for your first premium, which happens pretty quickly after you enroll, congratulations, you have insurance.  Well, as long as you pay that bill.  If you don’t get a bill, you don’t have insurance, and you need to contact the company you wanted to sign up with.  Since this is basic capitalism — you get stuff by paying for it — you’d think Fox News would understand the whole billing-and-premium-paying thing, as opposed to the how-the-Hell-can-anyone-tell thing Megyn Kelly is pushing.

Sean to Siberia at Seven?

Latest rumor is that Sean Hannity is getting pushed to 7 o’clock when Megyn Kelly takes his 9 P. M. slot.  That’s not prime time.

Smart move by Ailes.  Who watches Fox News?  Old white guys.  And the ones who now turn off Fox after O’Reilly (and that’s a third or more of Loofah Boy’s audience) will stay tuned to watch the pretty young blonde lady.

Wake Up, Sleeper Cells

I was going to say this is incredible, but actually it’s just Fox News being Fox News.

In a discussion about the TV network Al Jazeera, which is going to begin broadcasting in eight U. S. cities, a contributor on Megyn Kelly’s show, Lisa Daftari, said it was especially scary that Al Jazeera is going to Detroit, which has “an ex-pat community of Muslim-Americans where sleeper cells have been detected.”  So Al Jazeera is going to broadcast messages to the sleeper cells!

First, if anyone’s planning to destroy Detroit, I think we already beat them to it.

Second, how can you be a Muslim-American “ex-pat” in Detroit?  You can be an ex-pat in London or Paris, but an American can’t be an ex-pat in America.  Oh, wait, I forgot, Muslim-Americans aren’t really Americans…

Brit Hume Tells the Truth about Palin

A brouhaha at Fox News.

Megyn Kelly interviewed Sarah Palin last night, who offered her usual mangled syntax, and about half way through the interview, you can hear Brit Hume on an open mic clearly say the word “salad.”  I assume he meant “word salad” as a critique of Palin and wasn’t ordering dinner.

Fox Treats Mitt Like a Hen

Roger Ailes’ pet Megyn Kelly oozes ambition and is clearly gunning for a prime-time show on Fox News (goodbye Greta?) rather than her current daytime slot.  So she’s going to look for opportunities to generate buzz and attention to her sleepy afternoon backwater.

Mitt Romney was her opportunity du jour.

Expecting a warm and fuzzy chat, a sympathetic setting to lick his wounds after the South’s revenge on his Yankee ass, because she’s not supposed to be Mike Wallace on Sunday morning for Christ’s sake, Mitt was clearly taken aback when Kelly played a clip from a 2008 presidential debate, where Mitt said he liked [health care] mandates and Fred Thompson ridiculed him.  Those mandates requiring people to buy health insurance that for some reason are a fantastic idea for Massachusetts (Romneycare), but a terrible idea for the rest of the country (Obamacare).

Mitt looked miserable as he danced around Megyn’s request for an explanation of the tape.  There is a very good explanation, but unfortunately, Mitt can’t use it.  The truth is that he now hates mandates not for anything to do health care, but simply because they hurt his chances of becoming president.

Don’t expect to see Mitt and Megyn together again anytime soon.

Pepper Spray Is a “Food Product”

I find the clip of peaceful, seated students at U. C. Davis being pepper-sprayed at very close range, the way we’d whip out the Raid at the sight of ants in our kitchen, truly appalling and un-American.

But according to Fox News, it’s more as if they were being fed than attacked.  Megyn Kelly tells Bill O’Reilly the pepper spray is a “food product.”

Why don’t Megyn and Bill demonstrate for “the folks” just how benign and harmless this stuff is by being pepper sprayed on air?