Must Not See TV

Here’s something you’ll definitely want to miss — Meghan McCain has her own TV show starting August 1 on Pivot (yeah, I never heard of it either).

She describes it as a “middle ground between the Kardashians and C-SPAN.”  Is there that much difference — don’t they both showcase America’s biggest narcissists?  Anyway, Meghan will fit right in.

“Meet the Press” Meets “Jackass”

That is how Meghan McCain describes her new show on the cable network Pivot (I know, I never heard of it either).

I’m guessing her show will be much closer to the latter than the former.

Just what America needs, a blonde Kardashian.

This really is the most exciting thing since, well, since Bristol Palin was on “Dancing with the Stars.”


A Fight Where You Can’t Root for Either Side

Two equally obnoxious and unsympathetic characters, he of the Daily Caller and she of the Daily Beast, are engaged in a 140-character battle.  All-round priggish jerk Tucker Carlson and spoiled, whiny rich girl Meghan McCain are having a thumb wrestle on the Twitters.

Meghan can yell, “He started it, Mom,” by Tucker’s asserting that whatever he’s done, John McCain doesn’t deserve a daughter like her.

Given Johnny Mac’s dumping Sarah Palin on us, I can’t think of any punishment he doesn’t deserve.

As in the Iran-Iraq War, I’m not really rooting for either side, since I wish a plague on both their houses.  But any harm Meghan and Tucker inflict on each other makes the world a better place.