Senator Rubbers

With all the controversy about Planned Parenthood heading into the election, it’s worth recalling that Prescott Bush, Bush 41’s father and Bush 43’s grandfather, chaired Planned Parenthood’s first national fundraising drive in 1947.

When he became a Republican senator from Connecticut, his nickname was Senator Rubbers.  It wasn’t because of his footwear.

Like Mitt, Bush 41 was pro-choice before he ran for president.  His wife Barbara was and is pro-choice, as is Laura Bush.

Meow! Jen Rubin Bares Her Claws for Callista Gingrich

Jennifer Rubin, author of WaPo‘s Right Turn blog and a Mitt supporter, has the guts to say of Callista Gingrich* what we all have been thinking:

“There was that interview when she begged for Marianne’s forgiveness.  There was the one when she expressed remorse for having broken up a marriage.  Oh, wait.  She’s not done any of that.

“What advice do we expect Callista to give her spouse?  Is she a restraining influence or an enabler?  Is she, as Laura Bush was wont to do, the sort of wife who helps provide perspective to her husband?  Or does she egg him on (go on the cruise, buy the earrings, blast your opponents)?  I have my suspicions.  I think the voters do, too.”

She left out the hair, but this is a start.

*”Callista Gingrich:  Newt’s enabler?”