Mitt Wakes Up with Fleas

When you lie down with dogs…

Republican Convention sources have confirmed that unrepentant birther Donald Trump will be featured in a “surprise” on the first (and least-watched) day of the event.

Mitt asked for this embarrassment when he groveled for The Donald’s endorsement and had him host a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Now Trump gets the legitimacy of a convention appearance and Mitt gets the birther-by-association taint.

Sounds Like the Set-up for a Joke

Mitt, Newt, and Trump walk into a casino…

Actually, the three of them will be campaigning together in Las Vegas next week.  Just the thought of the three of them together gives me a headache.  It’s a too muchness reminiscent of when Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, and Ethel Merman were on TV together on Judy’s old show.  But if it sounds like your idea of a fun time, a minimum of $2500 will get you in.

Mitt is also offering the chance to win a dinner with him and the Donald in New York if you make a donation to his campaign.  Isn’t that against Mormon rules, aren’t raffles a form of gambling?  They haven’t set a date for that yet, but whenever it is, I’m pretty sure I have to do laundry that night.

Newt’s Phony Campaign Costing Taxpayers Real $

Conservative web site The Daily Caller is reporting that Newt’s Secret Service protection is costing taxing tens of thousands of dollars a day.  Back in 2008, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told a House subcommittee that candidate protection cost about $38,000 a day per candidate.

If we’re so outraged about the GSA Las Vegas junket, as we should be, why aren’t we outraged about this?

News from Newtland

The Donald is expected to endorse his alter ego in grandiosity and narcissism, Newt, tomorrow in Las Vegas.  Not sure there’s room on one stage for so much self-regard and self-delusion, but we’ll see.

Sheldon Adelson is said to be giving Newt’s Super PAC another $10 million on top of the $10 million he and his wife have previously donated.

So Trump will waste his breath and Adelson will waste his money on this lost cause.