What’s the Deal with Palin and Perry?

When Rick Perry last ran for governor, he faced a primary challenge from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  Hutchison had support from Karl Rove, Bush 41, and assorted Bushistas like Karen Hughes.  Sarah Palin vigorously supported Perry and campaigned for him.

So when Perry announced for president, it was expected that Palin, who shows no signs of running herself in terms of staff or organization, would endorse Perry.

Now, rather than endorse him, she’s gone on a tear attacking him for “crony capitalism.”  She’s picked up on Michele Bachmann’s criticism of his support for the vaccine that protects against cervical cancer.

So what’s up with that, as they say on SNL?  Did Perry tell Palin that he would serve out his term and not run?  Did he tell her that he would support her if she ran?  Something has happened between them, something that I believe has Palin personally angry at Perry and off on a vendetta against him.  It’s certainly not that Palin is a fan of Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney.

Any ideas?

Republican Debate

What I’ll be looking for at the Republican debate at the Reagan Library:

Is Rick Perry’s nose growing?  He hasn’t hesitated to tell whoppers before.  When debating Kay Bailey Hutchison, he accused her of supporting sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, which wasn’t true, but his mere assertion of it hurt her.

Does Michele Bachmann attack Perry?  Reports from her camp say that she will focus on President Obama.   But given the attack ad her Super PAC has been running in South Carolina, she may be forced to own the ad or risk look weak by backing off, as Tim Pawlenty did when he refused to repeat his attacks on Romneycare in the New Hampshire debate.  I can’t imagine that the questioners will not try to goad her into attacking Perry if she doesn’t want to go there herself.

If Bachmann attacks Perry, does Mitt Romney just watch or does he jump in?  When Bachmann and Pawlenty went at it in the last debate, they were fighting over issues from Minnesota, so it was okay for Romney to stay out of it.  But now he risks looking as if he’s hiding behind a girl if Bachmann is aggressive and he isn’t.  Romney doesn’t project boldness or toughness under the best of circumstances.  Both Bachmann and Perry can show him up for the overly-cautious wimp he is.

Is Perry doing okay with no breathtaking gaffes?  That’s all he has to do really to keep his early momentum going.  He doesn’t have to be dazzling, he just can’t be dumb.

Are Bachmann and Romney impressive?  They have to shine to hurt Perry and help themselves gain back some of the support they’ve already lost to him.